Considerations for Installing a Ceiling Fan

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A ceiling fan is an economical way to keep your energy bills down, without having to compromise on your comfort. In Australia, more and more people are opting for ceiling fan installation, both indoors and outdoors, for a fuss-free operation and higher energy efficiency than all other conventional air conditioning methods.

If you are yet to install ceiling fans on your Sydney home, our experts have some tips that can certainly help you make the most of your ceiling fans installation. Here you go…

Size Of The Ceiling Fan

These days, ceiling fans are available in all the different sizes and designs to match every room and space. From smaller rooms to large outdoor areas and even your closets, there’s a fan for every single part of your home. However, choosing the right size is extremely important to get the desired airflow from your new installation.
You can refer to this size guide before purchasing a ceiling fan:

  • The average size of a small bedroom in Australia is about 2.8m x 2.5m, for which the ceiling fan with a diameter of 44” to 48” will be ideal.
  • An average medium-sized Australian bedroom is about 3.2m x 3.0m, for which a 52″ ceiling fan is recommended. For slightly larger bedrooms, you can go for sizes up to 56”. However, a 56” fan in a standard bedroom will provide an uncomfortable airflow and hence not recommended.
  • A master bedroom in an Australian home is usually 4m x 3.8m, and a ceiling fan with up to 60″ diameter can be installed in a room this large. For smaller master bedrooms, ceiling fans with 52″-56″ diameter can provide the perfect airflow.
  • For average-sized living rooms, ceiling fans with 52″ to 56″ diameter work best and provide sufficient cooling if positioned over the main gathering points.
  • For larger spaces, you can either install a ceiling fan that is more than 56″ in diameter or choose multiple fans for better cooling.
  • While these measurements work for most Sydney homes, your ceiling fan electrician can guide you better about the best residential ceiling fans after assessing your needs and the size of your rooms.

Height Of The Fan

Another factor that is often overlooked, but affects the performance of your ceiling fan is its correct placement. Ideally, a fan should be installed 8/10 above the floor for optimal cooling. However, at times, the fan can be installed 7ft above, depending upon the height of your ceiling and the size of your room. If the room has vaulted or cathedral ceilings, you will require a downrod to achieve the ideal height so the air can circulate efficiently throughout the room. You also have to be careful that your fan should be at least 7ft above the ground to prevent any injuries.

Nonetheless, seeking help from professional ceiling fan installation services can ensure all these considerations are well-taken care of.

Placement Of The Fan

Make sure to place your ceiling fan at the centre of your room. If the room is too large or of an irregular shape, you can consider installing two or more ceiling fans to cover the entire space. The blades of the fans should be not less than 18 inches away from the walls.

Choose A Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fan

Since the main purpose of ceiling fans installation is to lower your cooling costs, always get a ceiling fan with remote control. Not only will it become convenient for you, but will also enable you to save electricity by adjusting the settings without having to get up from your bed or couch. Nowadays, smart ceiling fans are also available in the market that can be controlled through your smartphone.

Professional Ceiling Fan Installation Near You

While taking care of all these factors will enable you to enjoy your ceiling fans to the fullest, choosing the right installers will automatically make everything fall into place. At Think Electrical, we provide professional indoor and outdoor ceiling fan installation and repair services all across the Northern Beaches and the North Shore Sydney.

We can repair or replace your old ceiling fans as well as facilitate you with a complete ceiling fan installation on your Sydney home.

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