EV charging stations – A Worthwhile Investment

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EV Charging Station Installation- Your Worthwhile Investment For The Future

Being a property owner, EV charging station installation can bring you a number of benefits. It adds value to your property, proves to be a deciding factor for potential tenants, and even provides you with an extra source of income. For instance, an EV charging station on your business property will increase your chances of making more sales since the customers will spend more time in your retail outlet while their vehicles are using the facility in the parking area.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of EV Charging Station Installation

In order to enjoy the perks of this new installation, there are certain do’s and don’ts you’ll need to consider. Let’s take a look…

Never Attempt To Install It By Yourself

Unless you are a certified electrician with the required expertise in EV charging stations, never attempt to install it by yourself. Make sure you only hire the services of a certified installer. Even if you don’t find it cost-effective at the moment, it’ll definitely prove to be fruitful in the long run. The professional installers will carry out the installation correctly; taking into consideration all the safety protocols and making sure the installation complies with your state’s regulations. Additionally, if your EV chargers are not installed by certified professionals, they might even lose their warranty.

Be Farsighted With The Installation

When investing in EV charging stations, long term planning is the key to attain maximum benefits. Since electric vehicles will take over ordinary vehicles in the future, make sure you have the space for additional circuits, increased panel capacity, and other requirements for carrying out any essential additions in the future. Starting out with a scalable plan will be more economical than having to modify the entire installation at a later stage.

Don’t Forget To Do A Site Audit

Before carrying out EV charging station installation on your property, you must have your site’s energy footprint audited by a professional energy auditor. This will not only help you determine if you have the electrical load required for the installation, but will also ensure your EV charging station performs well alongside the other electronic devices being used on your property.

Safety Should Be Your Top Priority

In order to ensure a safe install, expert knowledge is required about the property’s electrical system as well as the EV charger itself. Without this knowledge, there are high chances of installation going wrong resulting in compromised performance by your EV charging station.

Since the EV chargers are responsible for carrying a high quantity of energy from your property into the vehicles; incorrect installation exposes you and others around the area to potential electrical hazards. Therefore, always choose a certified and experienced installer for a safe and risk-free installation.

Professional Installation Always Pays Back

While you might initially feel the installation isn’t as economical as you had expected, having it done by professional installers will prove to be fruitful in the long run. In the business world, innovation is what makes you ahead of your competitors. Whether you deal in rental properties, or you want to treat your employees and customers with an additional facility on your commercial property, it’s high time you get an EV charging station installed.

If you are looking for reputable electricians with expertise in EV charging station installation on the Northern Beaches and the North Shore, Sydney; Think Electrical can help bring you the desired results by installing a scalable EV charging station on your property.

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