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Think Electrical Commercial EV Charger Installation Northern Beaches

Residential and Commercial EV Charger Installation Sydney

Think Electrical are certified and experienced EV charger installer in Sydney. Whether you have already purchased an electric vehicle, or are planning on purchasing one, we can help you choose the right equipment. We supply a selection of brands and models to suit both commercial or residential use, and can perform any associated electrical work necessary for meter, switchboard and solar upgrades.

Future proof your EV Charging Station by choosing a wallbox or pillar charging station.

Most modern homes and businesses have the capability to charge an electric vehicle with their existing wiring and supply, however there are several reasons to consider getting a wallbox: 

EV Home Charging

Our qualified technicians will come to your house to do a site assessment. During this visit our electric car charger installation experts will consider your charging speed needs, available space, and available power supply. Based on this assessment we will advise whether any electrical upgrades are required to accommodate an electric vehicle charger, and give you some products to choose from.

EV Charging Stations for Businesses

An EV charging station can do more than just attract customers to your business. It can also save on commuting costs for staff, improve the environmental image of the company and meet corporate sustainability goals. You can even use electric car charging station installation to appeal to more than just EV drivers, thanks to the advertising capability available with certain systems.

All of our EV Charging Station solutions are easy to manage thanks to cloud-based software. This allows you to control and monitor your charge points and usage, customise tariffs, and view reporting statistics.

Our Commercial EV Specialist will come to your workplace and assess your building’s electrical supply, establish where the EV charging stations will be located and tailor an effective solution for you.

Some of the features we offer include:

Ocular Kiosk

Think Electrical Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Sydney
Commercial and Public with advertising capabilities

Ocular LTE

Think Electrical Ocular Wall box Charging Station Installation for Home
Residential and Light Commercial

EO Mini

Think Electrical EV Charging Station Installation Mona Vale
The smallest 7kW charger
in the world

Ocular IQ

Think Electrical Ocular IQ EV Charger Installation Northern Beaches
Fleet or Commercial
Think Electrical Switchboard Guide Image Only

40% of house fires in NSW could have been avoided with properly functioning safety switches. 

Get to know your switchboard.

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