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Millions of companies worldwide use access control as a means to control how and when their employees and workers have to certain rooms and areas, and have been doing so for many years.

Access control identifications can come in the form of keypads, ID tags, keychain tags and biometrics. They can even be used to track data that monitors employee arrival and break times.

Think Electrical has been helped numerous companies in Sydney set up their access control systems. We believe that our prices are competitive, and the benefits are most definitely worth the investment.

Access Control Installation, Maintenance & Upgrades

After an initial consultation, the Think Electrical team will determine the type of access control system that best meets your needs and budget.

From there, we’ll gather all the necessary data regarding your employee’s authorisation and information to create access tags for them, as well as guest tags and/or emergency tags. 

Our trained electricians will install the access control systems in Sydney which will release and lock the doors on your premises and run numerous tests to ensure that everything is working effectively.

We can also provide upgrades should you employ new staff, grant existing staff access to different areas, remove access for fired staff, and provide new access points for premises extensions. 

The Access Control Options Available

Keypad: The keypad is one of the oldest methods of access control and works by means of a combination being entered into a keypad. 

Tags: Tags, whether they are ID card or keychain tags, offer a wealth of advantages as user info can be loaded onto the tag so that you know exactly who is entering which areas and at which times. 

Biometrics: Biometrics is our most complex and expensive option. However, it offers the highest form of security as it uses fingerprints and other recognitions unique to users that cannot be lost or stolen.

Factors To Consider

Before we install access control systems in Sydney, there are certain factors to consider. These determine the overall price of access control installation. You’ll need to decide upon the following:

  • How many doors/access panels you want to include in your system
  • The number of people that will require access
  • The access control Sydney method you want to use (tag, keypad, etc.)
  • The overall structure of your building and the distance between doors and access panels
  • Your current cabling situation

Why Use Access Control Sydney

Access control allows you to restrict certain areas of your premises, meaning you can create a custom security experience with far less risks than the traditional lock and key.

You’ll also be able to monitor the movement of your staff and check whether they are arriving on time or leaving earlier than they should be. This information is live and readily available to you.

When implemented correctly, access control creates a much safer and more controlled environment, with minimal risks.

Are you interested in installing access control solutions?
Get in touch with the professional team at Think Electrical today, and we can start creating a customised security solution for you.
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