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Commercial Maintenance & Installation Electrical Services Sydney

Investing in professional commercial electrical maintenance, installations, and other electrical services for your property or business will save you time and money in the long run. 

Think Electrical has provided expert commercial electrical services to Sydney and Northern Beaches property owners.

We can help you prioritise the safety of your tenants, employees and customers with our commitment to electrical excellence and expertise in a commercial setting. 

Regular Maintenance

Depending on your commercial property’s size, it’s recommended that you perform periodic electrical maintenance at least once a year to keep appliances and systems running smoothly.

Regular commercial electrical maintenance prevents major problems like damage to your electrical equipment, which could be worth a substantial amount of money, depending on what industry you’re in.

Our commercial electricians are ready to assist with electrical maintenance. We can inspect your property, advise the frequency of maintenance required, and discuss upgrades if necessary.

Shop Fitouts

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to designing, structuring and installing electrical fitouts in commercial spaces – no matter if it’s a renovation or brand new location.

Each commercial space requires its own, unique electrical layout and lighting system – and we’re more than ready to help. When it comes to commercial fitouts, we can provide:

  • Energy efficient upgrades
  • Signage and display installation
  • Security systems
  • Audiovisual cabling
  • Lighting fixture installation
  • Emergency and exit lighting

Testing & Tagging

Routine testing and tagging are absolutely essential for stable and consistent electricity at a commercial property.

This service involves testing all electrical equipment, devices and appliances in your workplace to ensure that they are working as they should be.

Testing and tagging keeps your employees safe and prevents any electrical  malfunctions from occurring. It is one of the most important responsibilites of a commercial property owner.

We Cater To:

At Think Electrical, we’ve provided commercial electrical installation, maintenance and other electrical services, to a wide variety of different commercial properties including: 


We offer electrical maintenance and electrical installations to many strata properties, ensuring a high-quality power supply among all units and that the owner’s specific electrical needs are met. 

Real Estate

 Anyone working in real estate should have a trustworthy commercial electrician Sydney that they can call for emergency electrical services, or upgrades and installations. 

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls require considerable electrical work and maintenance, all of which our team at Think Electrical are prepared to supply and handle. 


If you own a bar, restaurant or cafe in the Sydney area; lighting, appliances and general electricity are essential to the success of your business. A professional electrical team can help keep them in check.

Whatever your commercial, electrical needs may be, the team at Think Electrical can meet them with skill and expertise.
Get in touch with us today to get sound electrical advice and services for your commercial property.
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