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Good lighting is important when it comes to ambience and enjoying all that a space has to offer. It can be the difference between attracting potential customers or watching them walk away.

So what does good lighting Northern Beaches entail? The right brightness for the space, light fittings that work with a property’s aesthetics, professional wiring and installation, and a cohesive lighting design plan.

Think Electrical are experts when it comes to all the aspects of good lighting in Northern Beaches, having worked on residential and commercial lighting projects in and around Sydney. 

LED Lighting

LED lighting uses less energy, meaning they can help bring down the amount on your electrical bill. These globes are also cheaper and much easier to replace.

Changing to LED lighting is an inexpensive transfer that will save loads in the long run. If you’re keen to make the change, or simply install LED lights from scratch, Think Electrical is the team for the job.

Government Incentive LED Upgrades

The NSW Government currently has an offer in place that targets the replacement of halogen bulbs with LED lights. The proposal subsidises the cost of LED lights and installations for eligible households.

This is a testament to the value and power of led bulbs, all the more incentive to make the change and save while you’re at it!

Architectural Lighting

With architectural lighting, you can achieve incredible Northern Beaches lighting results that are not just functional but also fun and creative.

Architectural lighting is not limited to commercial or residential properties and can be found across all sectors in Northern Beaches offices, public spaces and more.

Think Electrical’s creative electricians are able to design an innovative architectural lighting/ display solution customised for your lighting desires. 

Drop Lights

Drop lights are a  popular interior design trend, but require a professional electrician’s assistance to ensure the rigth wiring and design for the space.

At Think Electrical, we appreciate the aesthetic value that drop lights have to offer, and our electricians are experts when it comes to installing these types of lights. 

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting Sydney requires fittings and wiring that is safe from water damage and the elements. Our team at Think Electrical know just how to install outdoor lights so they shine brightly and perfectly.

Some of the outdoor lightning installations we can offer include:

  • Spotlighting – Spotlights can light up walkways, pools and patios to make it easier for you when coming home at night to add a security feature to your home. 
  • Security Lighting – Choose certain parts of your garden and patio to light up to ward off intruders. Bright lights ensure that they’ll definitely be seen and deter them from taking chances.
  • Decorative/ Ambient Lighting – If you like to entertain outdoors, decorative outdoor lighting is definitely a great investment to set the mood of an evening.
Are you ready to brighten up your residential or commercial space with a brilliant lighting installation?
Get in touch with the experts at Think Electrical today, and we can discuss how to get just the rigth spark into your home, property or business!
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