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Electricity brings your home to life, it’s in the hot coffee you drink in the morning and the TV shows that you binge before bed. It’s also why power outages can be so distressing. 

Our residential electricians at Think Electrical have been helping homes across the Northern Beaches and Sydney resolve electrical issues and complete electrical installations for years. 

As residential electricians in Sydney, we are trained by industry experts. Our crew works hard to ensure that your power supply is never impacted for long. Keep reading to learn more about our residential electrical services in Sydney.

Switchboard Upgrades

A switchboard upgrade offers a better quality of electricity, enables your home to power more electrical appliances at once, and ensures it can handle modern levels of electrical consumption. 

You can tell when an upgrade might be best if you’re dealing with excessive flickering lights in the home, if your switchboard is overcrowded with wiring, or if the system itself is more than 15 years old. 

The Think Electrical team are experts in upgrading and installing new switchboards in residential properties. We’ll work with you to find the best solution to power your home.

Safety Checks

Safety Checks ensure that your home’s electrical network is working to the best of its ability, and identify any potential issues that need to be fixed before they become electrical hazards.

As a residential electrical company, our Safety Checks include circuit breaker inspections, general wiring inspections and testing, inspections of any ground related hazards, and a lot more.

An Electrical Safety Check is highly recommended if you are selling your home or moving into a new one. Not only does it protect family and pets, it proves that a property is safe and secure.

Fault Finding

A fault in your electrical circuit or switchboard could lead to severe electrical issues if not fixed as soon as possible, as more serious underlying issues are often the cause.

Indicators of faults can be anything, from a plug that won’t work, to a flickering light, to a burning smell or even sparks coming from your switchboard.

Our Sydney residential electricians are experts in finding, analysing and fixing electrical faults. We collect and study evidence of electrical issues in your home, use it locate the fault, and work quickly to resolve it.

General Electrical Installations

Whether it’s for renovations, extensions or to refit your home’s electrical network, our team can assist you with installing a wide range of electrical appliances and systems.

Our residential electrician in Sydney can help with outlet, light fixture, appliance, ceiling fan, heating system and many more installations by providing custom wiring solutions to suit your specific needs. 

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40% of house fires in NSW could have been avoided with properly functioning safety switches. 

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