Top Reasons To Hire Residential Electrical Services For A Whole-House Safety Inspection

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Old wiring and faulty electrical appliances are among the major causes of house fires in Australia. Regular safety inspections by a qualified residential electrician are, therefore, an essential precaution to ensure that you, your family, and your property remain safe against any electrical hazards.

Read on to learn about all the important reasons why you should hire residential electrical services for a safety inspection of your Sydney home.

What is Included in an Electrical Safety Inspection?

During a whole-house electrical safety inspection in Sydney, a residential electrician will check all the electrical components on your property to ensure that they are safe and comply with the government’s safety regulations. This includes checking your property’s wiring, circuit breakers, switchboards, and power outlets.

Electrical safety checks are often required if your home’s power supply has been switched off for a prolonged period, or when you move to a new house, or if your house has undergone some major renovation work.

Protection Against Electrical Fires

Neglecting an electrical problem can only make it worse, and you might even end up with a deadly house fire. Older homes are also more likely to have unidentified electrical problems as there is a high chance that their system has not been upgraded for a long time.

A qualified electrician can help prevent any deadly problems by conducting a thorough electrical safety inspection of your home. You will then be notified about any prevailing issues with your electrical system in a timely manner and can have them fixed before they turn into a safety hazard.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Malfunctioning electrical appliances can consume more electricity, putting a strain on your monthly energy bills. If you have been receiving unusually high electricity bills lately, then it’s about time you hired a residential electrical contractor for an electrical inspection of your Sydney home. Your contractor will thoroughly check your appliances and wiring to identify if any of it is consuming too much electricity. They will also offer long-term solutions to improve the energy efficiency of your system.

Identify Old and Outdated Wiring

Identifying old wiring is another reason why you need to consider a whole-house electrical inspection. It’s not easy to recognise the signs of worn-out wiring unless you are a professional. If you move into an old house, make sure to engage a certified residential electrician to identify and upgrade your old wiring before it becomes a potential safety threat to you and your family.

Increased Value of Your Home

If you are planning to sell your home, then getting all the needed repair work done is a good idea to be able to sell it for a better price. While you might hire residential electrical services to ensure your Sydney home appears to be in the best shape from the outside, it is also important to ensure the electrical work is up to scratch from the inside. This can only be made possible through a thorough electrical inspection.

Professional residential electricians will identify and fix any electrical problems which may slow down the process of selling your home. That way, you won’t have to face any sudden difficulties once you are about to close the deal.

Residential Electrical Contractors in Sydney

Being proactive about electrical safety can bring many long-term benefits to your Sydney home. And just as it is important to have whole-house electrical safety inspections every once in a while, hiring licensed residential electricians for the job is equally as important.

At Think Electrical, we provide a full range of residential electrical services across the Northern Beaches and the North Shore of Sydney. If you are concerned about your home’s electrical safety, call us to schedule an appointment for an electrical safety inspection on your property.

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