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Solar Panel Installation Sydney

Are you on a mission to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce your carbon footprint? One of the most effective ways to harness the energy that nature has provided us with is through solar power.

In the last couple of decades, solar power has become increasingly popular throughout Australia. This is mostly due to it becoming more affordable and accessible, as well as the fact that Australia has the ideal climate for solar panels to work most efficiently.

At Think Electrical, our certified electricians can provide the installation of rooftop solar systems and solar storage batteries. This goes hand in hand with providing sustainable, eco-friendly energy to Electric Vehicle Chargers and various home automation components.

We have been providing these solar-related services to homeowners and businesses on the Northern Beaches for many years now, and we have built up a list of dozens of satisfied customers who have successfully made the switch to solar with the assistance of the Think Electrical team.

Think Electrical Solar Panel Installation Sydney
Commercial Solar Panel Installation Northern Beaches

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation & Battery Storage

Solar panels are the most important aspect of your solar power system as they are responsible for transforming the sun’s energy into a practical power source for your home.

The amount of solar power required for your home will depend on the size of your home and your power consumption needs. The angle and position at which these solar panels are installed will play an important role in their efficiency.

Trust in the experts at Think Electrical to provide you with a professional solar panel installation service for homes and businesses on the Northern Beaches.

Solar Battery Storage

Solar Battery Storage Installers

We are on the edge of a solar battery storage revolution as solar batteries are becoming more accessible and more affordable. Gone are the days of only having cumbersome, and extremely expensive deep cycle solar storage batteries to choose from. Nowadays there are far more convenient options on the market.

However, solar batteries still need to be installed correctly, and professionally connected to the property’s electrical service.

At Think Electrical, we’re able to advise as to which type of battery and layout will best suit your energy needs, as well as carry out the entire installation process.

Energy Management Systems

A quality energy management system is essential when making use of solar power. These systems give you control over your power input and output, and allow you to make informed decisions. They also detect any problems and provide you with remote access to your power supply.

Upon inspecting your home and assessing your energy needs, the Think Electrical team can advise you as to which energy management system will suit your needs best. From there we can install and implement the system as well as teach you how to use it.


Solar Panel Installation for Home Automation

Home automation has been on the rise for a good decade or so, and solar energy has become an important component of the smart homes of the future. This is due to the sustainable and reliable energy source that it provides.

Home automation has the ability to make your life simpler and more convenient by providing personalised control of your appliances. By making use of the internet, home automation connects all of your devices onto a singular platform and grants you more convenient control over the devices in your home.

The technical professionals at Think Electrical are able to provide customised automation solutions, as well as connect existing technology to new solar installations and energy management programs.

Looking for a team that you can truly rely on to provide you with solar battery storage and solar panel installation services on the Northern Beaches?
Get in touch with the friendly and professional electricians at Think Electrical today! Our years of experience and dedication to solar energy puts us a few steps ahead of the rest!
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