How much does it cost to upgrade a switchboard in Sydney?

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To keep your family safe and protected, you might want to consider upgrading your switchboard. Older switchboards do not have the capacity to manage the increased electrical burden that the average home requires as appliances and technology become more demanding.

What is a Switchboard?

A switchboard is a central component that helps direct electricity throughout a property. Its primary function is to guide electrical currents from the main power supply to the necessary areas of your home or business that require it.

How much does it Cost to Replace an Electrical Switchboard?

The cost of upgrading a switchboard may vary depending on the property. Switchboard upgrade costs can range between $800 and $1900 in Sydney, depending on the following factors:

  • Switchboard size
  • The capacity of the switchboard
  • Required wiring
  • If rewiring is necessary for your home
  • The cost of labour for the upgrading

When you decide to upgrade your switchboard, cost is often the first thought that comes to mind, leaving homeowners wondering “How much does it cost to upgrade the switchboard?” Switchboard upgrades can be expensive. However, they can also be a necessary investment in the security of your home.

Why Do You Need to Upgrade Your Switchboard?

Household power consumption has increased over the years due to the addition of numerous electrical appliances, smart home features, and other gadgets to standard homes. As such, we must pay close attention to when your home’s lights are excessively flickering, if your switchboard is overcrowded with wiring, or whether the system itself is more than 15 years old. If so, it’s time to upgrade.

Some other reasons you may need a switchboard upgrade are as follows:

  • If you have an older, outdated switchboard, it is very likely that it may become overloaded.
  • Built-in safety switches on newer switchboards can reduce the fire danger, and shock is lower.
  • New switchboards reduce the likelihood of your circuit breaker tripping on a regular basis. They also reduce the possibility of fuses blowing due to overloading.
  • Older switchboards may not always work well with modern smart metres, and may not comply with the current laws and regulations.
  • For some solar power sources to work, upgraded switchboards are necessary.

Under the laws of Australia’s Energy Standards, a switchboard upgrade is required if you:

  • Upgrade to higher-powered electrical goods,
  • Have received an electrical defect notice, or
  • Are thinking about installing a new power point.

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40% of house fires in NSW could have been avoided with properly functioning safety switches. 

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