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Think Electrical Residential & Commercial Fan Installation Northern Beaches

The area of the Northern Beaches has a reputation for getting stiflingly hot in the warmer months. One of the most effective ways to combat the heat and improve airflow in indoor and outdoor spaces is through ceiling fan installation.

Ceiling fans in Northern Beaches are energy efficient as well as cost-effective and can mimic a soft, gentle breeze that gives instant relief to the hot Australian summer days. Ceiling fans are effective in residential, commercial and industrial settings and are a worthy investment for homeowners, shop owners and factory owners alike.

Our trained and certified electricians are able to handle all of your fan installation needs. We have been providing ceiling fan installation in Sydney for many years now and are confident that our services are second to none.

Think Electrical Installs Fans For All Spaces

Think Electrical Ceiling Fan Installation Northern Beaches

Our qualified team can help choose a high quality, effective fan for your space. We can offer a diverse selection of fans that offer maximum airflow, minimum maintenance, style & comfort, and airflow control.

We offer both directional and ceiling fans installation in Sydney for any space, including


A fan can play a large role in the design and comfort of your home, so of course you want something that is cohesive with the style of the room in which the ceiling fan is being installed. Whether you have already chosen the fan one want and need it installed, or would like to consult our team to find something both effective and stylish, we are able to assist.

Think Electrical Residential Bigass Fan Sydney


We supply and install a wide range of fans that suit both indoor and outdoor commercial environments, including shops, bars, and restaurants. These fans are durable and heavy-duty and are made to last. Not only that, but they also come in a variety of styles so that finding a fan that fits in with your space’s aesthetics is more than easy!

Think Electrical Indoor Fan Installation Mona Vale


One of our favourite suppliers, Big Ass Fans, has some of the best industrial ceiling fans in Northern Beaches. Big Ass Fans can be very large, and installing just a few of them could help cool down an entire factory floor. The industrial fans are specifically designed for dusty, harsher environments where an emphasis on durability is needed.

Think Electrical Industrial Bigass Fan Installation Sydney

Big Ass Fans are truly worth the investment as they’ll stay with you for many years to come. If you’re struggling with choosing the ideal fan for your home, get in touch with one of our experts, and we’ll happily offer you expert advice!

We Put Safety First

At Think Electrical, we understand the potential hazards involved in any electrical installation. Our certified electricians always prioritise safety when it comes to any of our electrical services.

Fan installation is a relatively complex task, and it should not be attempted to be done on your own as you could risk damaging your electrics and injuring yourself. When it comes time for a ceiling fan installation, it is best to call an expert ceiling fan installer.

Looking for reliable fan installation services on the Northern Beaches?
Get in touch with the professional team at Think Electrical, and we can begin discussing your individual ceiling fan installation needs today!
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