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Residential Electrical Makeover With LED Lighting to Create a Modern Living Space

For most people, their home is the most priceless possession which they are free to beautify however they please. They can customise it completely according to their preference without any outside interference.

A house’s upkeep is not only important to increase its market value, but also to give the residents a pleasing and comfortable vibe that their house is well-kept and attractive not only for them but also for their guests. Here’s how we helped our residential clients with an electrical facelift for their house by replacing their old switch plates, powerpoint installation and some LED lighting upgrades.


Emil and Christine wanted to transform their house with enhanced lighting throughout their property. They also wanted to get rid of their old and stained switch plates and wanted something to give their space a more contemporary look.

They approached Think Electrical for the task and our team carried out switch plate replacement, powerpoint installation and LED lighting upgrades throughout their property. Even though there were no major alterations, yet we were able to transform their house giving it a fresh and modern feel.

How Did We Manage The Project?

Since we firmly believe in the power of effective commutation, and how it helps in building a trust-based relationship with the client; our first step before signing up for the project was to meet Emily and Christine in person. We discussed the suitable lighting options for their property and used the opportunity to explain how we could help them in renewing the look of their space.

After getting the approval from the customer as to what kind of lights they’d prefer on their property, we signed up for the task and started working.

We replaced their old and stained switch plates with new ones, installed powerpoints and LED lighting all through their house. With these little changes, we managed to alter the entire look of their home within two days.

Before Upgrades
After Upgrades

Open Communication Lead To Great Results

While our residential electricians were working on the project, at one point they noticed there were some other areas in the house where LED lighting installation could do wonders. Instead of letting it go, our electricians decided to communicate with the customer about how some additional lighting upgrades could help in improving their property’s look.

Gladly, the customer took the suggestion very positively. Once they gave us a go-ahead, we placed the order for some more lights that were delivered to the site right in time.

Top Three Things We Are Most Proud Of

While the final results left everyone awestruck, what makes us most proud is our effective and timely communication with the customer which enabled us to complete the entire task without any delays. The neatly installed switch plates, powerpoints and LED lighting gave the entire property a visible facelift and gave us the immense pleasure of having another satisfied customer.

LED Lighting In The Living Area

Living Area
Kitchen Space
Some Additional LED Lighting
Final Results
In the end, these words of appreciation made all the effort worth it:
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