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Security camera installation in your Sydney residence is the perfect way to upgrade home security and bring you peace of mind.

Following are 3 benefits of CCTV cameras which prove they are an installation worth spending money on:

    1. Reduce break-ins by deterring intruders

CCTV cameras installed around the home are useful in discouraging robbers from breaking in. The presence of security cameras puts the intruder in a very risky position of getting caught as every activity is being recorded in your premises. This makes your home a less safe target for criminals, who would prefer stealing from a place where there is no such danger involved.

    1. Collect useful evidence if a criminal activity does take place

Footage from the cameras is saved as high definition videos and can provide useful information in case an unfortunate incident happens at your property.

The recording identifies the criminals and assists the police investigations in tracing and catching the intruders. It also serves as a reliable piece of evidence that can be used in court proceedings to bring the burglars to justice.

    1. Help you monitor your home from anywhere, at any time

CCTV cameras enable you to see what’s going around your property even if you are physically in a different country.

Have remote access to footage is easy through an app on either your smartphone and tablet.

Since footage is available 24/7 in real time, you can pick up any untoward activity on your property even while being away, and immediately alert a friend or neighbour to stop it.

Does a nagging feeling of concern for house safety bothers you while you are on a vacation and doesn’t let you relax completely?

Then CCTV camera installation is exactly what you need, so that you can enjoy your future holidays with greater peace of mind.

Bonus Benefit- CCTV Installation can lower your home insurance premiums

Some insurance companies offer discounts for homeowners who have invested in some measure of protection around the house. Even something simple like CCTV cameras is known to lower home insurance costs by 5-10%.

This is because CCTV installation is an effective deterrent of theft and vandalism, which in turn is beneficial for the insurers as they don’t have to cover huge financial losses.That is why the stronger you make your security system the lower premium rates your insurer will willingly offer you.

For people interested in adding a layer of protection to their homes, CCTV camera installation in Sydney is a great place to start.

Requiring little to no maintenance, CCTV installation is a long term investment worth spending money on for keeping your assets safe.

If you are thinking of boosting your home’s security, our CCTV installation services can help.

Think Electrical offers professional security system installation and upgrades for homes and businesses all over Sydney.

To start building your ideal security system, get in touch with us today

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