Top Reasons Why Your Commercial Space Needs Fan Installation

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Running a successful business is not an easy job. From struggling to deliver the best quality products or services, to ensuring a comfortable working environment for your employees. With this you have to ensure business is making a reasonable profit while at the same time keeping all the expenses under control.

Today, when air-conditioning has become more of a necessity than a luxury in most industries and commercial spaces, ceiling and directional fans can certainly control your power usage. There are a number of reasons why a fan installation for your commercial property might be your next best move, check our the advice from our experts below.

Comfortable Working Environment

In order to build a successful business, it is essential to have a healthy professional relationship with your employees. If you are not considerate about providing your workers with a stress-free and comfortable working environment, you should not keep your expectations very high.

By investing in ceiling fan installation, you are actually investing in your business growth. If you own an industrial setup, having industrial ceiling fans installed will keep the area cool and comfortable so your employees will enjoy working for you. The constant feeling that their employer cares for their comfort and well-being will add to their productivity. The result will be a win-win situation for both parties.

An Environment-Friendly Alternative

Large areas need comparatively powerful air-conditioning systems to sustain their temperature. Alternatively, installing industrial ceiling fans can be your little contribution towards conserving the environment since they create minimum pollution by emitting the least amount of greenhouse gases. The lesser the energy consumption, the less pollution goes into the atmosphere. Isn’t the deal worth considering?

Energy Savings

Whether you own a shop or a factory near the Northern Beaches, you must be well aware that the climate is not excessively hot all year round. While you do want an efficient air conditioning system in your commercial property for warmer months, when the weather is pleasant, using ceiling fans instead of air conditioners will help in massive energy savings.

Even if you use fans and air conditioners simultaneously, you can save a significant amount on your energy bills. The reason is pretty simple. Ceiling fans regulate the airflow maintaining a comfortable temperature within the room. As a result, you don’t have to adjust your AC to a very low temperature setting and hence lower power consumption results in energy savings.

Also, for outdoor commercial spaces where installing an air-conditioner is not an option, installing a couple of ceiling or directional fans can work wonders.

Here’s An Added Perk…

With ceiling fans installed in your commercial space, the air will be circulating all across the area not letting the moisture settle on any surface inside your property. This will help in keeping your commercial property safe from rust and corrosion. As a result, less money will be spent on repairs and maintenance.

Is Installing A Residential Fan Is A Bad Idea For An Industrial Business?

With numerous perks of fan installation in your commercial property, you must be considering getting them installed immediately. But hold on! In order to attain desired results, make sure you know the difference between an ordinary ceiling fan and an industrial ceiling fan.

Ordinary ceiling fans have smaller blades that work best for residential properties and even commercial settings with compact space. On the other hand, industrial ceiling fans are specifically designed to suit industrial spaces. They have a large diameter, larger blades, and a powerful motor to work constantly in rough environments. They are simply durable and stronger than the regular fans you have at home. Therefore, if you feel your factory needs fan installation, make sure to look for options designed for industrial purposes.

Lastly, don’t forget to consult qualified electricians for your industrial fan installation to ensure best service quality. A professional can not only help you in determining the best industrial fans for your space but will also guide you about their proper usage and maintenance to ensure you remain trouble-free for years to come.

At Think Electrical, our qualified electricians can help you in choosing the best fans for your commercial property. Call us today.

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