A Residential Electrician’s Guide to Child Safety

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When your child is about to start crawling or standing, you’ve probably looked at your house to see what needs to be changed for safety. The internet is vast, so we have taken the time to list our top tips about residential electrical hazards, based on experience, to keep kids safe.

Residential Electrical Tips to Keep Children Safe

Here are several tips that’ll keep your brood safe:

  • If the circuit, extension lead or appliance has insulation deteriorating from the wires, don’t use it.
  • If your home is more than 30 years old, call one of several licensed residential electrical contractors near you (we are here to help!) to check out the wiring. You may want to let smaller kids visit your neighbour during this house call.
  • Ensure your house is equipped with safety switches.
  • Turn off electrical appliances before turning in for the night.
  • If you don’t want accidents to happen, keep your electronics out of children’s reach. Switch off electric appliances that you’re not using at that very moment.
  • Keep liquids away from your electronic devices.
  • Get safety plugs to cover power points that aren’t in use, or place heavy furniture in front of unused sockets will also help.
  • When you purchase electric appliances, make sure they meet Australian safety standards. If you buy a second-hand appliance, check if they meet Aussie safety standards, are not damaged, and also have one of the residential electricians near you check out second-hand electric appliances.
  • Avoid doing electrical work yourself. Of the many residential electrical services in Sydney, Australia – hire reputable, licensed, and affordable us.

If you want make your home’s electrical system child-safe, or have other electrical work in mind, contact Think Electrical for a licensed sparky at 0404 039 059. We serve North Sydney, the Northern Beaches, and North Shore, as well. You can book an appointment by calling, or request a quote by filling out our web form.

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40% of house fires in NSW could have been avoided with properly functioning safety switches. 

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